Torservers Progress Report

Mo 16 Mai 2011 by Moritz

Hi everyone!

Zwiebelfreunde e.V. has finally received the necessary paperwork from the tax authorities and can now open a bank account etc. Juris is preparing a membership application form, so you should soon all be able to join. We’re still working on The Infrastructure (TM) to replace the current 3rd party mailserver and mailing list. It’s going slow, because we want it to be useful as archetype for our franchising and decentralization ventures.

2011-05-07 Axigy US exit node moved to different DC. Slowly recovering, but not near its bandwidth limit at all

2011-05-04 Flattr account is non-profit now, account name changed to “torservers”; unfortunately, they did not accept us as charity.

2011-05-02 Flattr revenue April: 86.76€

2011-05-02 Torrentfreak reports about Torservers and DMCA

2011-04-24 Talk at Easterhegg Hamburg

2011-04-19 Published DMCA examples

2011-04-18 Podcast about Torservers (German)

2011-04-15 Talk at Re:publica

2011-04-04 applied for Stiftung Bridge funding

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