Torservers Progress Report February/March

Sa 12 März 2011 by Moritz


It’s been a while since the last update. Sorry, but I like being busy on actually doing stuff instead of writing reports. ;-) It would be nice to have someone go through our mailing list archive and Twitter feed, pick all important events and put them into a timeline on our Wiki (and post it once a month to this list?).

This is a request for comments/action (and mostly copied from our Twitter feed). If you want to help, pick something from our TODO, talk to us on IRC, do something you feel is appropriate. :)

ISPs for Bridge Hosting: Still looking for ISPs. Some now listed on

Free Expression Awards 2011: Tor Project nominated by Index on Censorship:

We run a (working) Torproject mirror now:

Phantom released

Help us get slashdotted, vote (req required): Vote on Boingboing (reg not required):—-torserversnet-receives-10000-grant-from-access-now.html

New 1 Gbit/s Romanian exit thanks to funding from Access now! - dedicated to victims of Mau Mau Uprising in #Kenya, David Kato from

Uganda and Evo Morales from #Bolivia

Onions Against Dictators - receives $10,000 grant from Access Now ( Mit Zwiebeln gegen Diktatoren - Torservers erhält 10.000 Dollar Förderung )

Meet me at #rp11 13-15.4. #Berlin Meet me at #tazlab 8-9.4. #Berlin

Torproject’s website lists a LOT of ideas for potential projects

Excito’s B3 router will include Tor by default

Thanks Håke

FDC Server online.

Help us hit the Top 10 on Flattr: (currently: #16)

Flattr revenue Feb: 93.44€

Guardian Project looking for beta testers for Android XMPP client with true OTR+Tor support

Working on Zabbix for monitoring and graphs:

Secure Mailserver: Remove IP from Outgoing Mails in Postfix

Hope I didn’t leave out too much :)

To comment use our mailing list or visit us on IRC ( #torservers).