So 30 Januar 2011 by Moritz

It is named “wau”, after Wau Holland: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wau_Holland

If you have donated to Torservers previously, you are obliged to suggest more names. :-)

  • defaultroute.net donates 2*20mbps relays! Working on setting them up.

  • 100tb.com Haven’t heard from them despite multiple inquiries. We are currently in contact with evoboxes.net (NL), directspace.net and wizzsolutions.com (USA) to replace our Softlayer 100TB exit.

  • Donations We have accumulated around 1500 Euro to spend on fresh Tor traffic.

  • Non-profit Organization Sadly, the tax authorities have rejected our initial draft for a statute. They told us that teaching about privacy is not ‘serving the public good’ and thus not charitable. I am certain that we will get it through, but it will take more time than expected. For the current version of the statute (in German), see http://www.wiredwings.com/wiki/Satzungsentwurf_Verein

Thanks to all donators and sponsors! Without you, we would not exist.

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